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Silent Elegy (2014)

Three Durational Performances. The Lock Up, Newcastle. All Images Jamieson Moore


Performed as part of the exhibition Enduring Parallels curated by Lottie Consalvo and Ineke Dane



Embracing the cell as a space of recollection, reconciliation and rebirth, jacobus’s work will unfold in three parts over the exhibitions 3 day opening period.

The form his journey will take is ultimately that of an involution. Infinitesimal gestures will seek out an uncertain equilibrium. The celestial, the unfathomable, and earth will be linked by the body. Instants/ the present, moments gone or left will all be harnessed, will be released, guided by a calm made of resignation.

Darkness will be pierced with light. Light will be extinguished with darkness. Just as everything vanishes, so too does everything that vanishes begin.


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