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Act 2: Crystallisations

7 hour performance




Piercing darkness with light within an instant so as to allow darkness to extinguish light. A single moment is visualised, symbolised and embodied by the slightest of actions.

 Sporadically, every now and again or in quick succession a match is struck invoking a single and series of short lived vigils, or that of a prolonged and fragmented one.

 The first of the day will now be long ago. Here within cell F the past and present circle one another.

Reconciling that the moment we are within eclipses us as soon as it is internalised, Jacobus’s gesture endeavours to acknowledge everything that once was, or everything that could have been.

 Moments, instants and ones inability to ever truly be within the present moment become the primary focus of a repeated action that constitutes a state of unburdening: a coming to terms with the possibility that we may more intently live our lives through recollection.

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