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Act 3: Clearlit

7 hour performance



A stoup of sorts will rest in the space containing a body of ocean water collected from a nearby beach.

Gathered during a run off tide, the fluid was caught before it undertook its journey outward, to an extensive space devoid of any sight of land.

Kneeling: assuming a position indicative of either ignominy or humbleness, over the course of seven hours Jacobus will proceed to immerse his head in this body of water. The spacing of the repetitive gesture being delegated by the human body.

An uncertain baptism: an almost ironic act of cleansing in preparation for re entering the world. What is thought and what is felt entwined.

Whatever natural purity the water upheld at the beginning of the day it was collected will by now carry concentrated traces of a human being: dust, sweat, skin, dirt, mucous and saliva.

Upon 5pm on the 30th of November (when this exhibition concludes) Jacobus will proceed to take this body of water back to the site from which it was taken: returning it to itself.

Remnants of his being, his interaction will be dispersed and ultimately diluted into the expansiveness of the ocean.




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