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2-5 Channel Video, Stereo Sound 53 minutes (2016) . photos: Dan McCabe, Installation view Success


Working with his father, jacobus undertook an incredibly personal project reflecting upon the psychological absence in each other’s lives between the years of 1998-2006, caused by severe depression.
Recounting childhood memories of his father fluently playing the piano accordion and embracing the melancholic and nostalgic tones evoked by such an instrument, a diptych of videos tenderly document’s his father attempting to re learn an instrument he hasn't held or played since 1998, the year he was diagnosed.

The process of collaboratively making the work together is as much an act of rejoicing as it is an unburdening. Each embrace the strong relationship that exists between both now, reflecting on the past wholesomely adamant that whatever happened, happened for the best.
Extending upon these two initial videos jacobus invited immediate family members to watch the final piece and be documented before it was exhibited to the public.

This project has been assisted by the Government of Western Australia through the Department of Culture and the Arts, Western Australia and


Commissioned by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art for NEW16

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