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Vestiges and Voids


For the past month or so I have been collecting water from numerous puddles, and run offs throughout Treasure Hill, and the surrounding areas.  Eventually and painstakingly each body of water has been ice filtered.

It at first was a side project, a ritualistic gesture that was hoped to access another realm of engagement with the immediate surroundings, or maybe to quell the uneasiness in relation to the impossibility of any such quantifiable engagement.

It became a practice in which one would attempt to be more within the present moment. And through this come to appreciate that everything passes from one state to another. A practice of undoing any sentimental ties that may be formed, by engaging directly with a ephemeral subject. But there is a solemn sadness surrounding this, an acknowledgment that the moment we are within as soon as it is intellectualized- eclipses us. We are forever outside of where we’re within now.

In this void like space, of not exactly knowing how to proceed or quite simply not knowing how “to be”, I felt it necessary to integrate these past futile actions and attempt to elevate them to a stage of somewhat splendor.

What lies in the space is a water fountain running off each puddle collected over the two month period. Each body of water that was to eventually disappear, was caught in a moment of time, and is now integrated into a whole body.  A celebration of everything that once existed and has passed. A celebration of what was, and what will never be.

As the fountain continues to operate so to does a single flower for each puddle collected revolve in a 360 axis: a memorial for each space that a puddle was taken.

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