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Where the Earth Meets Sky

7 Channel synchronised HD Video 46 minutes. 2024

From the forest floor to top of the Hintere Brandjochspitze, traversing the Nordkette Ridgeline until the Rumer Spitze, a piece of primed fabric was gently trailed over 1323km of rugged landscape that forms part of the Karwendel mountains over 70 consecutive days.

The piece of fabric touched the vast majority of the mountain range, consequently being marked, scratched and stained. Gaining an impression of the range itself and a sense of its history.

As the snow melted and the landscape beneath was revealed the daily ritual sought to honour the passage from winter to spring, to pay homage to those that seek solace in the mountains, and to sensitively acknowledge the lives the mountain range has taken.

Avalanches, rockfall, thunderstorms, rain, snow, ice, burning daylight. Being uncomfortable and being scared / knowing the difference between the two.

The head and heart were changed by the environment, the body shaped by the terrain.

Surrender & patience.

Ascending skyward upon sanctified earth above the clouds, to find a point of disappearance.

This project was supported by Creative Australia and inspired by Peter Rosegger’s “The God Seeker: A Tale of Old Styria” and Remco Graas.

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