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Forgiving Night For Day

7 channel HD video, 27 minutes.  2016



Collaborating with 7 Fado singers and Lyricist Tiago Torres Da Silva,  Forgiving Night for Day unfolded across 7 vantage points throughout Lisbon, over the course of 7 days at dawn.

A series of bare footed wanderings throughout Lisbon before sunrise informed and sensitively shaped a poem who's form was then altered into lyrics to be sung.

The resultant song, and the gesture of it being performed once by a single singer each morning over the course of a week stands as an evocative prayer to an awakening city, embracing everything that may unfold throughout the day that goes unnoticed for one or the other of us, and liberating such instances from the psychological confines of regret.
A humble engagement that hopes to collect all of these wayside unknowns that surround ourselves and our daily life, often going unnoticed, and release them high above the city, into the ether, guiding them on their way else ware.

Fado Singers:                                

Nadine Brás                                     

Telmo João Pires                            

Rodrigo Costa Felix

Maria Emilia Reis

Pedro Moutinho


Sound Recordist: Henry Nesbitt

Camera one: Jacobus Capone                               

Camera two: Tony Costa
Sound editing: Roly Skender

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and by the Ian Potter Cultural Trust

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