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Forewarning (Act 4: Demarcation)

2 channel HD Video 11:20. 2022



Demarcation is considered Act 4 in the context of an ongoing project titled Forewarning instigated by Jacobus in 2018. Accumulatively the project operates as a series of reconciliations and farewells unfolding within specific environments that have become inherently fragile through time and human undoing, and consequently have both a real and imbued hostility. 


Demarcation unfolds directly at the base of, and sometimes beneath, an unstable glacial face in Norway. 


A path is tentatively made along a precipice of snowpack at the glaciers terminal end, tracing its length on foot, underneath which is a river resulting from the glacier melting.


The precarious nature of the route made is amplified by the hazardous location, which becomes evidently clear in the hesitant movements of the featured body traversing the terrain.


The sombre tones of the glaciers slight movements captured in the audio become a haunting ache. Combined with the sound of water melting and flowing underneath the snowpack, the volatile nature of the environment is foregrounded.


A dividing line is drawn by the human figure and the footsteps left behind. On one side of this line: the melting and calving end point of a glacier. On the other side: humanity, the activities of which being the root cause of the glaciers rapid decline.

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