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Dark Learning

7 Channel Video. 18 minutes 40 seconds

Unfolding as an uncertain pilgrimage Dark Learning embraces the arctic landscape as the central protagonist in a seven part narrative.
A precarious equilibrium is sought by means of direct engagement with the surrounding landscape, extinguishing all thought and instead placing faith in sensation.
Featured remote locations are imbued with agency, provoking site responsive gestures and observations, either brief or durational.
These performative interactions ultimately become components that orchestrate a journey to better fathom ones relationship to the natural world, and seek a more holistic sense of engagement devoid of direct intellectualisation.
Unknowing, un learning or forgetting become nuances shaping the project where ones relationship to the outer realm is hoped to be born anew.

This project has been assisted by the Government of Western Australia through the Department of Culture and the Arts, Western Australia






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