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7 Inkjet prints on canson rag photographique,130cm x 170cm. 


Jacobus has revisited and reworked artefacts from a previous project that have laid dormant since its completion in 2007. Residue from a major performance whereby the artist crossed Australia on foot to pour water from the Indian ocean into the Pacific, supported by his sister.

 During the traverse a daily ritual was instigated whereby Jacobus would collect a single stick from the side of the road at dawn to then hold for the duration of that days walk. An intuitive response to subdue the fragility the project continually instilled on a solitary level : the hundreds of hours spent walking alone.

Physically and psychologically vulnerable given the scale of the undertaking, the process of selecting and then holding a stick each walking day was an act towards healing.

 In May 2020 these sticks were revisited to document. Each individually being held for the first time since they were originally selected by the side of the road 13 years ago. Intuitively working with each a series of 7 symbols have emerged that pay homage to the solace these forms once offered. 

Faith was once invested in these items and as such there is a sacred nature to them. An inherent religiosity.

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